Each of our ‘creations’ must have meaning. Any kind of inspiration must be backed by a clear, relevant message and tangible elements of research. Our teams produce product-trend overviews, marketing intelligence, socio-ethno-cultural analyses and benchmarks for the different markets and segments we explore.


Tell me a story… Brands enhance and sometimes educate, and can fuel emotion to the extent of kindling a certain passion in consumers. They acquire legitimacy and come to life. We have a duty and the ability to assist you in this search for coherency, legitimacy and recognition. With our vision and methodology related to the formulation and development of territories of expression, we can provide an in-depth evaluation of your product. Our expert skills include semiotic analysis, product positioning, storytelling and naming.


A curve, a line, an emboss… Packaging must be designed. We apply all our high standards and expertise to your creations so as to make them unique, iconic and a perfect expression of your brand. Working closely with our suppliers and innovative partners, we have the conviction that design must drive technological progress. We imagine, think, create and reinterpret to continually surprise or reassure, and allow your creations to sublimate and reveal the personality of your brand.