The Creation and Development workshop

Creative expression

You have imagined a packaging and would like to see it made? Come to meet our Creation and Development Workshop team, who will assist you at every stage of your project up until its final realization. The Workshop welcomes you in a totally dedicated area to work on your packaging. Whether you need a foil, a wire hood, a label or a capsule, we will create a unique product for you.

A genuinely expert facility, the Workshop acts as the interface between our clients or their design offices and the support departments of the company who work on the various steps in the design and development of our different products. The Creation and Development Workshop is an essential source of research and facilitation for our Research and Development department and has one main mission: “to apply our strengths in providing responses and propositions to assist our clients in their own creation of added value.”

Client Assistance

Easily accessible support

Client Assistance Technicians analyze our clients’ technical needs to provide appropriate solutions and monitor the technical supply of manufacturers of material using our products. In close cooperation with the R&D, Quality and Sales departments, they suggest technical development strategies for our products to increase their efficacy when used by our clients.

Client Assistance Technicians play a part in assessing our client satisfaction in their environment to build up an ever stronger relationship of trust.

Sales Administration

At the client’s service

Our clients are always our main concern and our Sales Administration makes every effort to satisfy their needs and requirements from day to day. Assistants handle the management and follow-up of orders, and specific client requests, in close cooperation with the field Sales Representatives and Sales Executives.

Sales Administration is a genuine customer service, a vital interface between the different departments of the company and the client. The aim is to “be available for the client and make sure we have the right information at the right time to meet their needs”, so as to form a close relationship