Established in the heart of the Champagne region since 1984, SPARFLEX supplies clients worldwide, producing and marketing supports for information and images to package Champagnes, Wines, Spirits and other prestige beverages.

Originally, Sparflex specialized in foil (secondary-closure capsule) production for Champagnes and Sparkling Wines. However, founders Jocelyne and Michel Soutiran very soon realized that packaging was not just a question of protection, preservation and safety, but primarily the expression of a brand. Their aim was to offer their clients a complete packaging supply. To achieve this, they steadily acquired companies specializing in design, labeling, wire hoods and capsules between 1986 and 1998 (Paul Varnier, Grilliat Jaeger, Lemaire Voye Coquillard and Le Muselet Valentin) and continued in the 2000s (Papmétal, Quibel, Linéa, VKN, Litho-Bru and Rivercap).

Today, Sparflex handles the entire packaging creation chain, from initial strategic brand research to the design and production of bottle packaging elements (Foils, Wire Hoods, Labels).


Today, Sparflex employs 450 staff working at 8 production facilities in France, Spain and the USA. Its sales presence in Germany, Italy, South Africa, Japan, Australia and Latin America has grown significantly since 2010.

Since it was founded, Sparflex has succeeded in accumulating and consolidating human skills that are now preserved in the context of a single shared corporate culture. Each day, its human resources contribute to the enhancement and reliable quality of its entire range of products