Sparflex Group includes a number of companies specializing in Design, Foils, Wire Hoods, Capsules and Labels in France, Spain, USA and Australia. Each has successfully maintained and improved its skills with a shared objective: “to apply our strengths in providing responses and propositions to assist our clients in their own creation of added value.”


Founded in 1984 in the heart of Champagne, Sparflex France is specialized in foils for  Champagnes, Sparkling Wines, beers and Ciders.

Le Muselet Valentin

As the only company producing wire hoods in Champagne and France, Valentin designed the modern wire hood, which was developed when the production lines of the Champagne Houses were automated in the 60s.

In 1998, the Valentin Group’s wire-hood business was saved by Sparflex, which successfully preserved its historic skills and laid the foundations for its technological progress, while protecting the culture of the plant, which provides its clients with fine articles, genuine precision parts that convey and enhance their image. Since 2012, Le Muselet Valentin’s unique skills have won it listing as an ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ (Living Heritage Company), which also recognizes the work of its staff, who all play their part in ensuring the quality of its products and the preservation of its knowhow.


Founded in the Rioja district of Spain in 1990, Rivercap SA has a special place among the world’s leaders in secondary-closure capsule production for Wines and Spirits. The dynamic corporation joined Sparflex in 2010. It is equipped with the most innovative technology, enabling it to supply the market with unique, tailored products. With 2 others facilities in France and in the USA, Rivercap produces Pure Tin capsules for the most distinguished Wines and Spirits, along with aluminum and aluminum complex capsules and screwcaps.


Since 2016, the Australian family business PACIFIX joined Sparflex. Specialized in wirehoods production with its own technology, Pacifix is a key wirehood supplier for the Australian and Californian sparkling wine producers.


This acquisition allows Sparflex to structure and grow its business in Australia and Asia.

Litho-Bru - partner company

Litho-Bru designs high-end labels, boxes and cases and is firmly established in the Cognac, Champagnes and Spirits market. Its partnership with Sparflex, which began in 2007, together with investments in production equipment, have contributed to the increasing role the printing works plays in the still and sparkling wines market.


In 2010, Sparflex took over in Spain the foil business of Canals and acquired in the meantime Vintacap, a company based in the heart of Catalonia (Spain), the region where Cava is made. Its product ranges and industrial equipment are adapted to the expectations of the local market. Vintacap is a key local player thanks to a more sophisticated product offer with superior standards of quality and the promotion of consumer awareness of the fundamental role of packaging.


In 2006, Sparflex invested several million euros to set up production of the main material used to produce foils and capsules: complex. It chose the cleanest rather than the simplest or most economical technology.


Sparflex Group operates totally independently and supplies all its subsidiaries from its Dizy plant. Introduction of the complex equipment has given a boost to Research and Development and provides our clients with access to unique technologies: Absolute Green Line, Creative Digital, Touch Line, Soft Line, the ‘Easy Dizy’ opening system, etc.


With this equipment, Sparflex acts as a new actor for flexible packaging production and create the FLEXALU division. Its know-how in the aluminum converting and the capacity to implement technical resins making Sparflex a privileged partner for all the converters having no access to extrusion coating lamination technology.


Founded in 1992 in California, MAVERICK became a Sparflex Company at the beginning of 2018.


MAVERICK is recognized as the leader producer of PVC capsules, and polylam foils and capsules for still and sparkling wines in the U.S. wine packaging industry. The Company has earned an impressive reputation for superior production capability and exceptional customer service, providing premium quality foils and capsules to many of the most prestigious wineries in the U.S.