The Artisan Capsule-Maker/

Tin, aluminum, complex or PVC secondary-closure capsules give a refined touch to the packaging of Wines and Spirits. The secondary-closure capsule plays an important part in the harmonious effect of packaging and is now a decisive factor in purchasing. Rivercap offers a wide range of capsules and many finishes to create a unique item that reflects your image: printing on the skirt and top, embossing, painted emboss, etc.

Tin capsule

The authentic, elegant Pure Tin Capsule artistically and distinctively packages Great Wines and remarkable Spirits. The expression of unique craft skills, the pure tin capsule is the hallmark of producers committed to authenticity and the art of living.

The capsule’s material is of very high purity and meets the most demanding quality requirements with its three-stage production process:

  • Melting and rolling: carefully selected tin ingots are melted and rolled to make reels that are cleaned to remove any impurities.
  • Perforation and stamping: the reels of rolled tin are stamped to produce the required capsule dimensions.
  • Painting: the background color is applied by gun spraying and the skirt and top are then screen-printed and/or embossed.

As a guarantee of excellence, Rivercap tin capsules carry the ‘Pure Tin’ label created in 2014 by ITRI (the International Tin Research Institute) to identify genuine Pure Tin Capsules. For further information on the ‘Pure Tin’ label, please visit the Tin Committee website:

Aluminum capsule

Aluminum, a light, malleable metal, is highly resistant to corrosion and very long lasting. Used in the manufacture of single-part capsules, aluminum has many specific benefits and optional finishes.

A very high-end product, the pressed aluminum capsule is manufactured using the same production processes as the Tin Capsule and is a refined and entirely recyclable product. The aluminum capsule uses Easy River technology: its easy, unobtrusive opening results in a clean break, so avoiding any risk of injury.

Complex capsule

The Complex capsule is an assembly of two flexible materials: aluminum and polyethylene, ensuring crease-free fitting. A guarantee of quality, the thickness of the capsule brings elegance and nobility to bottle packaging.

PVC capsule

Simple and economical.

The heat-shrinkable PVC capsule can be adapted to all types of bottles. The material offers many advantages: it is stable, solid, insulating and economical.


The aluminum screwcap is a reliable system for producers (no corked taste) and a practical one for consumers when they open and close the bottle.

Rivercap offers its clients the option of plain or painted embossing on the top, along with screen-printed decoration on the skirt or top for small volumes.

Absolute Green Line

Conscious of its environmental responsibility and aware of sustainable development issues, Sparflex has created Absolute Green Line, a major technological innovation in wine packaging. Absolute Green Line provides a solution for producers keen to satisfy demand from consumers who are increasingly concerned about environmental issues. A genuine ecological alternative, the AGL capsule combines biosourced polyethylene (PE) and acrylic inks – renewable materials that replace oil products and solvents.

With Absolute Green Line, packaging plays its part in conserving resources and protecting local environments.

Touch Line

The Touch Line capsule is made of textured aluminum complex, which provides excellent structural stability after fitting. The hues are deep and of exceptional quality.

Touch Line has a visual and tactile effect that will greatly enhance the appeal of your Wines and Spirits. The packaging elements become a tactile, sensory experience.