The art of details/

Over the years, like the great Wines of Champagne, packaging has become increasingly sophisticated and elegant. The foil (secondary-closure capsule) is a brand enhancer and identifier, protects products and ensures compliance with any distribution regulations.

Made of complex (a combination of aluminum and polyethylene), the foil protects the cork and provides the consumer with a guarantee that the product is intact.

Sparflex offers two major ranges of foils: SPARLUX and PREMIUM


After studying ways to improve the presentation of bottles, Sparflex developed the SPARLUX range. These high-end foils made of heavy complex have a rigid aluminum top that eliminates the unsightly creases that can affect the appearance of foil tops.

3 QUALITIES ARE AVAILABLE: RÉSERVE, VINTAGE and GRANDE CUVÉE, depending on the desired handling experience.

On the top : four-color printing, plain or painted emboss
On the skirt : heat stamping, embossing, stamping, interior varnish, four-color printing, Easy-Dizy 2 (easy opening), Confidence (easy opening interior marking), interior varnish, etc.


The Premium foil makes personalization affordable, while providing a quality product and a wide range of possible types of finish. This foil has a paper top.

On the top : printing
On the skirt : heat stamping, interior varnish, four-color printing

Absolute Green Line


Conscious of its environmental responsibility and aware of sustainable development issues, Sparflex has created ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE, a major technological innovation in the packaging of champagne and sparkling wine.

ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE provides a solution for producers keen to satisfy demand from consumers who are increasingly concerned about environmental issues. The ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE foil is made of biosourced polyethylene and acrylic inks: renewable materials that replace oil products and solvents.

ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE packaging plays its part in conserving resources and protecting local environments. When you choose ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE, you select a packaging that reflects your values and plays an active role in minimizing the carbon footprint of your wines, while creating a strong emotional bond with your customers.

Soft Line


Attentive to consumer trends and in the forefront of innovation, Sparflex has focused on developing the consumer sensory experience, especially touch. ‘Soft touch’ is one of the star features available for all its materials. Apart from its appearance, packaging provides other sensory stimuli. With SoftLine, packaging components become tactile and convey sensations in a concept related to final-consumer expectations.

Touch Line


Made of textured aluminum complex, the foil has a sensual finish that plays on light and provides excellent stability of texture when fitted on the bottle. Touch Line has a visual and tactile affect that will guarantee the appeal of your packaging.

Creative Digital


This digital printing technology offers top-quality printing, intense colours and great reproducibility for even the most elaborate designs. The Creative Digital foil allows to forge a special relationship with client by incorporating variable data or by printing targeted messages on the front and back of the foil. Each foil becomes unique.
It gives flexibility and responsiveness for ultra-individualised small series.

Enter the world of digital printing for foil and access to the ultra-customization!

Sparlux Art & Craft


To support the ambition of sparkling wine producers and to meet the most specific expectations, SPARFLEX® pushes back the limits of its vision of excellence by designing the ART & CRAFT finish dedicated to foils heads. A unique headpiece, enhanced by a multi-level embossing process. All the technology implemented to enhance our SPARLUX® range.


Our ART & CRAFT foil’s head is the result of an exclusive, avant-garde technique that highlights the experience we have acquired with the VALENTIN® Wirehood. Based on our ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE® technology, our foil is made from biosourced polyethylene from sugar cane and acrylic inks. A work of craftsmanship where every detail counts to reveal the expression of each cuvée. Between Excellence, Design and Innovation… This is the ART & CRAFT spirit.