A unique, tailored wire hood/

The wire hood was originally created to satisfy optimal champagne packaging constraints. Today, it has become a genuine collector item for connoisseurs and a marketing asset that Growers, the great Champagne Houses and Brewers can use to present their brand, a particular cuvée or a collection.

The wire hoods are made-to-measure and personalized using different printing techniques (pad printing, offset, digital), colored wire, stamping, etc. to make them a unique identifier specific to each Champagne House.

As a symbol of our client, each wire hood produced in our workshops is the subject of particular care. It is the result of very precise skills and the continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes and techniques. We place our Adaptability, Reactivity and Innovation at our clients’ service to meet their needs and create a wire hood in their image – a unique wire hood.


The LUXE wire hood is the expression of your brand: a wirecap personalized on both sides with varnish finishing, color-lacquered wire, embossed or imprinted stamping… A made-to-measure wire hood.

Because exception is a condition, the greatest care is taken with our Luxe wire hoods, including meticulous quality control, adapted packaging and personalized follow-up.

Valentin wire hoods are made exclusively in France.


The PREMIUM wire hood makes personalization affordable. It is a customized wirecap with lacquered wire, etc., giving you the benefit of all the potential of our production resources.

Since it is essential to stand out from the crowd today, Premium adapts to your product range.

Valentin wire hoods are made exclusively in France.


The wire hood is a genuine method of communication and an asset in attracting consumers who are always in search of something new. Committed to a creative approach, Sparflex regularly presents new collections of wire hoods inspired by Art, Luxury Jewelry or Fashion, and expands its color chart with new hues each year.